Wednesday, July 15

Fleet Carnival Cars (Maser 2nd in class shocker)

Mark A told me about this car show on the Friday before it was due to happen, as I had no idea it was even on. It turned out to be a great day, and I am just getting over my "Red Panda" sunburnt look today I think. Despite the small turnout (possibly due to the promotion of the event or lack thereof) there was a wide range of classics from Jaguars to Chevy's. Lots of interesting stuff amongst the participants, too, including an old Berliet seen here that looked and sounded very impressive:

I don't have many pictures at the moment, though there are a number of people who did take pics that I hope to be able to get hold of. A half-decent camera is on the list of "nice to have's" at the moment. This lovely Austin 7 caught the eye - these little cars always get lots of attention, they're like old Minis, Beetles, Minors and Fiat 500s, they all just seem to make you smile.

The Westfield caught Gareth's eye, very nice it was too, next to an absolutely mint, 13,000 mile from new 1972 Mini automatic:

Fantastic Porsche 911 Turbo won a prize ...

... as did the Maserati! I failed to take any pics of it and certainly wasn't expecting a certificate. 2nd in the 'Other Foreign' class was totally unexpected and perhaps left the owner of the mint Renault Caravelle soft top who only took home a Highly Commended a touch miffed, but I'm not going to complain, and I'll certainly be going back next year.

Good to see Gareth, Mark H, Mark D and some of the Bovington clan there too enjoying the weather!

I'm going to put a bit of elbow grease in for the Elvetham Heath show this coming weekend and see if I can get another honourable mention, though I suspect it will be a bit trickier :)

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