Wednesday, July 15

Petrolhead Nirvana at the Ace - July 09

So yet again I'm slack for months. Urgh, this blogging thing. Anyway there's tons of stuff to be updated on here.

I stumbled across Petrolhead Nirvana the other day, and it sounded a riot. I noticed they had a meet at the Ace Cafe coming up and so I pootled on over there this Monday just gone. Great bunch of petrolheads they are too, and I can see this is going to be a regular meet for me from now on. I had the mixed blessing of getting an easy parking spot, hiding at the back:
Of course the car park soon filled up with motors of all shapes and sizes from MX5's to a Murcielago, so I was going to be in it for the long haul:

No problem there though :) The fabulous weather obviously resulted in a great turn out and what a diverse range of machinery there was too. Lotus and the local Lotus dealer both turned up with black Evoras for everyone to have a sit in and drool over. It's probably not the greatest time to be introducing a new high-end sports car, especially at over £60k, but I'm sure it's going to sell well, given it's awesome writeups in the major motoring press and looking as good as this:

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